Branding, mobile first, UI & UX Design

Migrant Student Information Exchange is a platform mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The product consolidates data from multiple state information systems and allows for easy access to migrant student records. This is important because these students often move from state to state, multiple times a year, following their parents work and often times that leads to lost records, delayed graduation, and student drop out.

Our work began with a rebrand. Through creative intakes, we were able to develop moldboards for further refinements and presented 4 concepts. The brand was to echo the people involved in the product—from the practitioners to the students. The approved logo represents land through the mark, the color of the Department of Ed Migrant Student sub-brand, and the concept of students and education through the soft geometric san-serif.

Responding to user research with on-the-ground MSIX practitioners, our team moved to a mobile first development and design process. Working through the mobile experience before expanding out to the desktop. This allowed us to hone in on what is really important to the users.